Floor fitting and repairs in SpainWhen considering Spanish flooring it is important to remember the climate we live in. At Linton Building Services we not only want you property to look attractive but we also consider the practicalities.

As with all home improvements, we are able to offer a complete selection of flooring. Most flooring in Spain is made from ceramic tiles, there are a wealth of options and due to the mostly warm weather it provides a cooling surface that is good looking, durable and easy to maintain.

Ceramic tiling however is just one the options available and a more luxurious choice is stone flooring. Stone flooring can produce breathtaking results and is incredibly tough. The most popular choices are polished marble or granite.

Unlike in the UK, carpet is not a common choice for homeowners in Spain. However it can be a desirable addition to certain rooms in the house, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. While the warm Spanish climate means summers are long and hot, many residents are surprised by the cold winters where the extra insulation provided by a carpet surface is very desirable.

Wood flooring is becoming more popular, providing a quality finish to any room. Again, the Spanish climate is an important consideration and we can explain the implications and make sure you make the right choice whether you are considering hardwood or the laminate alternatives

Vinyl floors are extremely common in the UK and we are also happy to provide this service in Spain.

We also fit underfloor heating, to new or existing buildings, using wet or electric systems. 

Linton Building Services have more than 25 years experience in both the UK and Spain. We have been permanently located in Spain for more than 8 years and we are based in Andalucia on the Costa Tropical in southern Spain - primarily concenrating on the provinces of Granada and Malaga. All work is considered, with both minor and major projects undertaken, and always with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm.